Have the Ultimate Spring Save-cation


Spring is in the air! Well, sort of. It’s March, and March basically means Spring. And what’s Spring anyway without a proper getaway to shed the winter blues?! For those still recovering from a holiday-debt hangover, a vacation may not be feasible right now– But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a sunshine state of mind!

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite low cost, high vibe activities guaranteed to spring you back to life! Take a look at our top Spring Break hacks: ways to make an ordinary weekend at home feel like a whimsical escape, on the cheap.

Go Off the Grid

You know that eerie feeling you get when you travel abroad, and notice those two little words plastered across your smartphone: No Service. At first, mild panic attack. But, after that, you experience this strange sense of joy, of freedom. You really are unreachable.

Funny thing about phones these days… they can actually be turned off. (Crazy, we know.) Try powering down for the weekend. Because even at home, you can be unreachable.

Grab the Lawn Chairs

Zac Brown said it best: “I’m just going to drive up by the lake, put my ass in a lawn chair, toes in the clay, not a worry in the world, a PBR on the way, life is good today…”

You may as well grab a PBR while you’re at it.

Dress the Part

Some experts suggest that wearing color can improve your mood. Jules Standish, a style and color consultant, says, “Looking at warm, bright colors, such as red or pink, releases dopamine (otherwise known as the “feel-good hormone”).”

Pink or not, we dare you to put on your favorite hawaiian shirt and not have a good time.

Make Piña Coladas

Can you even call a vacation, “a vacation” without a piña colada? We didn’t think so.

The perfect piña colada recipe calls for a number of different ingredients. To keep costs even lower, consider buying a pre-made cocktail mix. Though, we highly recommend splurging on those mini cocktail umbrellas. Totally worth it.

Explore Somewhere New

Looking to get out of the house? When’s the last time you explored your city’s hot spots? You can be attracted to the attractions, without being a tourist– go check ’em out!

Unleash Your Inner Foodie

Let’s be honest, one of the best things about traveling is the food! Fresh, local cuisine is a must when on vacation. Try hitting up a local fresh market to see what’s in season near you– or get crazy with it, and try a new recipe from your coastal cookbook. Fish tacos, anyone?

Get Cultured

There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in a foreign culture when on vacation. Everything from music, fashion, food, language, and lifestyle can all seem so fascinating when you’re an out-of-towner. But, the truth is, you don’t have to travel far to get cultured. Consider checking out a new part of town, or get involved with your community and volunteer. Get out of your comfort zone!

Grab Your Gang

Whether you’re on a beach or chillin’ at home, spending quality time with loved ones is always enjoyable. Surround yourself with those who lift you higher. When’s the last time you and your crew had to get out of town or spend a lot of money to have a good time? Keep it simple. Swim, hike, explore!

Spring Break doesn’t have to mean Spring broke. Before you fork over your entire tax return on airline tickets, consider these vacation hacks to have the ultimate save-cation.

That’s it! It doesn’t have to be difficult to take it easy. Enjoy, and let us know what works, for you!