Financial Experts Agree, Some Experiences are Priceless


Saving money for your future is very important, but so is living your life while there is life to be lived! Striking the balance between the two is one of the most challenging feats that many of us face on a daily basis. But the truth is, even the most financially savvy of folks know that sometimes, those splurges are necessary.

So we wanted to ask our Peak Guides:

“What is one investment in life you think is totally worth splurging on?”

Here’s what they had to say...

Jennifer (ADLT 101): Anything that brings insane happiness or value to your life. Honestly, we all have guilty pleasures but if you have the budget for it you should be able to buy things you love. I would rather sacrifice a week's worth of eating out or happy hours to buy something I truly love to do like taking an international vacation.

Jackie (Sugar & Money): One investment in life that is totally worth splurging on is YOU! We should all splurge on our self development or whatever experience that we truly want to experience, whether it is a trip that you really want to take or front row tickets to your favorite artist's concert. Splurge on what brings you Joy!

Ashley Copeland (Stacks & the City): I absolutely think it's worth spending money on plane tickets to somewhere special! There is absolutely nothing like foreign travel to help gain clarity, get uncomfortable, and learn ways to improve every aspect of your life.  Splurge on a ticket to Europe!

Athena Lent (Money Smart Latina): I’m an advocate for investing in your education. I’m not saying college is for everybody but any time you invest in learning a skill or a degree that’s going to take you places, you earn your money back tenfold.

Mandyy Thomas (Financial Coach): The investment that I consider worth it to splurge on is my health. I know that my health and energy are my greatest asset, so I make sure to budget for extra support for my health and energy. Some things can include purchasing quality food, supplementation to provide extra support that I am needing, and some additional alternative health care treatments.

Nicole Rule (Greatest Worth): Traveling! Hands down! When our family is all together, traveling, and exploring new places we are all the very best versions of ourselves. Even if it’s just a simple 4 hour drive to the ocean, it makes all the difference in how we interact with each other. ADVENTURE is one of our family values, so we try and take one big travel adventure a year as a whole family, and then my hubby and I try to take one travel adventure just the two of us! This is in addition to multiple little adventures throughout the year. Since we started budgeting based on our values it’s now easy to funnel money into the “Travel” budget line item (and not spend money somewhere else), because we know how meaningful travel is to all of us!

Tasha Danielle (Financial Garden): Investments do not necessarily mean just index funds and home ownership, investing in yourself is just as important. Taking a trip abroad and truly becoming engrossed with the culture is an investment I think is totally worth splurging on after you pay off debt! After I paid off my $80k of debt I spent nearly $5k on a trip to South Africa for 2.5 weeks. I was at a point in my life where I needed growth and refocus. I came back from South Africa with a new sense of self and new goals for my company.

So, how about you?! What is the one investment in life that you believe is worth splurging on? Let us know, in the comments below!

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