Introducing Peak Rewards


Saving with Peak just got a little bit sweeter. In our latest 1.8 update, we are introducing Rewards. We wanted to find a way to celebrate your success– to provide a little extra incentive to stay on track towards your savings goals. In essence, we wanted to reward you! So now, you can earn more just by saving with Peak...up to 1.5% more!

Peak Rewards come in the form of savings bonuses. The more you save, the more you are rewarded. Sounds awesome, right? It is! Here’s how it works…

Rewards are based off of your average daily account balance over the course of a year, and are distributed to you on a quarterly basis. We start you out with 1% back on your annual savings (or 0.25% of your savings, quarterly). But it gets even better! If your average daily account balance is over $1,000, you get 1.5% back on your annual savings (or 0.375% quarterly)! That’s over 15x the interest that a traditional US savings account offers!

Rewards have a stacking effect. The more you have in your peaks, the larger the Rewards you earn. The best part? Every quarter, your Rewards go back into your peaks which makes your peaks even bigger, which means… bigger Rewards! This is what traditional banks call “compounding interest,” and Einstein supposedly said that compounding interest is the strongest force in the universe! 💪 We’re excited to bring a little bit of that power into your peaks!

Ready to start saving?! Get Peak, now!

Still have questions about how rewards work? We’re here to help! Learn more, here!