Our Story: Money Meets Mindfulness


As we get ready to share the Peak app with the world later this summer, now is a great time to share a little more about who we are and the how this whole thing got started...

Our journey began with wellness. Most of us started working together at Spire Labs, a company dedicated to creating digital products that inspire and drive healthy behavior change so that people and organizations can truly thrive. We still share that purpose, and out of that original Spire Labs vision, we’re starting something new.

We’ve always taken a comprehensive approach to wellness. We believe that all of the components of well-being—including physical, mental, emotional, social, nutritional, and financial—are interconnected and fundamentally depend upon one another. However, after years of working in the world of both personal health and corporate wellness, we discovered a particular dissonance between financial health and total well-being.

Stress and anxiety are at an all-time high, and money is the leading cause of stress. We see this in the media, in business trend reports, and in casual conversations with people around us.

So, we decided to dig deeper. We spent months researching. We started with our own experiences, then talked to friends and family… and kept expanding the circle. We’ve done dozens of in-depth user interviews and surveyed 1,000+ people from across the country. We talked to people about how money made them feel and what obstacles prevented them from achieving their goals. We’ve talked to influencers, experts, academics, and teachers. We’ve also tried every single personal finance app we could find in the App Store, and scoured the Internet for websites, tools, and resources.

Through all of this, we learned a lot. First, everyone is stressed about money, at some level, and most people don’t feel equipped to manage their money. This is a big, complex issue and the current tools and resources that are available are not meeting these needs. Our biggest insight of all, though? We realized we were uniquely equipped to help. Through our research, we confirmed that the same principles that apply to exercising more, eating better, or any other health behavior, also apply to turning your financial life around.

Just like physical fitness, transforming your financial health doesn’t start with the external. Whether you’re training for a marathon or starting to save for a rainy day fund, the core challenge is an internal one. It starts with establishing the right mindset, and maintaining the habits and routines that enable long-term success. These kinds of internal shifts require inward-facing tactics… and that’s why mindfulness makes so much sense.

Our own team has experienced the benefits of being intentional in our thoughts and actions, to fully experience the present moment. However, while people all over the world are recognizing the value of these practices, these insights haven’t generally been applied to the stressful, complicated world of personal finance.

That’s why we started Peak. We believe a mindful approach can create the foundation people need to build positive habits and reduce the anxiety we all experience, when managing our money. We know this process isn’t easy, and there are no shortcuts on the long road to success. But we are here for you, to help make your experience of managing money less stressful, more intentional, and a lot more fun.

Want to learn more, or connect directly with the Peak team? We just launched the “Peak Seekers” Facebook Group! We’re bringing together people who are passionate about pursuing their goals (both financially, and in general), so if that sounds like you… welcome! We’ll be doing expert interviews, Q&As, and give-aways for this community, so be sure to join us.